• Playing soccerThe American College Health Association National College Health Assessment II was completed during the Spring 2016 semester. Click here to see the results of the survey

  • An on-site vending machine survey was conducted during the spring 2016 semester.  Additional surveys will be conducted among students, faculty, and staff in order to improve the healthy options available for purchase by the campus community.  

  • The Nutrition Council developed additional nutrition-related questions that were added on the 2016 ACHA National College Health Assessment. Data from these questions will allow for a better assessment of eating habits among KSU students and will assist in the development of enhance programming to improve the nutrition habits of KSU students.

  • The Physical Activity Council worked to identify current initiatives available to the KSU community. The council is also working toward the development of a detailed assessment tool that can help guide our efforts to be more intentional and effective.

  • The General Wellness Council improved access to routine and travel vaccinations to allow students, at all three campuses, to have access on a daily basis.  Funding was also secured to provide free influenza vaccines to students at convenient locations.